Let’s be real for a second, fear will appear at some point or another.

It’s inevitable.

When fear appears, it typically causes stasis. You don’t have time for stasis. You’ve got sh*t to do!

So here are 4 facts about fear I want you to know:

1. Everyone feels fear. Let me say that again, everyone feels fear. You’re not special in that you have fear. What matters is how you react to it.

2. Be in action so you don’t have time for fear! Fear creeps in when you give it the space to. Know why my calendar is so full? So there is no room for fear! Your fear will rear its ugly head when it has nothing better to do. 

3. Move towards your fear not away from it. Push into it. If you don’t it will win. When you feel the fear, take action immediately or else the fear grows and grows and grows and it makes it that much harder to get in action and easier to retreat. As Nike says – Just do it!

4. Get out of your comfort zone! Stop convincing yourself that you’re satisfied. You have big goals and big dreams that get to be achieved this year. The only way to accomplish that is being outside your comfort zone and thinking outside the box.  Complacency is the killer of dreams. Success does not exist in your comfort zone.

You get to play a bigger game and think outside the box.

Nothing great was ever achieved that didn’t involve risk and fear! Push through both those feelings, which are merely concepts created in your mind to keep you playing safe.


Brainstorm a list of 50 ‘outside your comfort zone” actions you could possibly do for your career and life. These may be scary. ie. Call the agent I want to work with, call the production company I want to pitch my script to, do stand-up over Zoom, raise my rates, tell her how I really feel, etc.

Schedule one of these in your calendar twice a month and see what happens when you release fear and break through your comfort zone!

You got two choices:

1.  Get out of your comfort zone, risk, and do things differently!

2.   Stay comfortable and settle.

Is that harsh? Hell yeah. Because it is true.

Even in these uncertain times, I invite you to play big, risk big, because your vision is greater than your fear.

Fear is thinking about all that could go wrong. 

Instead, think about all that will go right. Have fun with your brainstorm!