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So far Jodie has helped 2300+ actors book more roles consistently and confidently.

"I've booked 4 jobs since starting with The Actor’s Think Tank and it's been great! I'm so grateful for Jodie and this program to make all this happen.

- Stephan Godleski (Blue Bloods,  Blacklist, Special Ops: Lioness)

"I’ve booked multiple projects this year including a supporting role in a feature film opposite Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie. This stuff works!"

- Natasha Tina Lui (Cobra Kai,
The First Lady, Here & Now)

"10 months after getting started, I’m shooting a feature film starring Morgan Freeman! I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for the work with Jodie."

- Luke Stratte-McClure (The Ritual Killer, Alien Apocalypse, Castle)

Meet the Founder

Hey,  I'm Jodie Bentley!

Being an actor can be frustrating.  I know firsthand.

My BFA in Acting from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, though a top tier acting program, did not prepare me for how to run my acting business AT ALL. 

My results were ok… but success was random and rare. For 8 years my acting career felt like a roller coaster, doubt reigned supreme and I never felt like I was enough.

But now....

I have 170+ credits in TV, Film, Theater,  Commercials and Audiobooks.
I've had projects in Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS, Apple TV, TIFF, Cannes & more.
I have a team of reps I love and who believe in me.

If you want to learn how to build the acting career you've been dreaming about, you're in the right place.

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Our courses are perfect for...

Actors who are new to the industry and just starting their acting journey, and who want to build a strong foundation as they begin.

Actors who've been on their journey for a while and feel stuck but long for a breakthrough to accelerate their career.

Actors with 20+ years of experience OR rejoining the industry after a break and who are ready to compete at a much higher level.


Whatever stage of the ACTOR'S journey you're at,
we've got something for you

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     The Actor's Think Tank ($47/month)

Holistic business skills, strategy and systems are NON-NEGOTIABLE for your acting business. The Actor's Think Tank membership is a  proven 7 step system to take you from outsider to in-demand actor in a year or less

You'll breakthrough by eliminating blocks and excuses to get out of your own way. You'll be remembered by packaging and pitching your bookable brand to get known faster. You'll book more by leveraging proven strategies to create more opportunities. With community, content, and coaching so you don't have to go-it-alone anymore.

     The Actor's Branding System ($299)

Your brand is the key to getting known, being remembered, and booking more work. With The Actor's Branding System, you'll get 17 in depth lessons to build your authentic and bookable brand. PLUS, you'll craft kick-ass headshots with 8 in-depth lessons to guide you through every step of the headshot process. No more static and stiff headshots that don't feel like you!

You'll stop saying your brand is Doctor or Young Dad or Girl next door... you're more than that. You'll get in rooms with ease because you're clear and specific and the industry gets you instantlyIt's time to book the roles you were meant to play.

     The Artists' Mastermind ($450/month)

Your success will always be random and rare until you give yourself a strategy and a plan to achieve it. The Artists' Mastermind is coaching and accountability - a high calibre group of movers and shakers tired of their excuses and ready to level up!

You get one-on-one coaching bi-weekly to get insight and strategy on your specific goals and projects as we define your next steps. You’ll always know what to do next as we track your progress and your tasks. You’ll get FREE access to my signature membership, The Actor's Think Tank. You won't even recognize your career in just 6 months.

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     Dare to Be Unstoppable ($797)

Coasting into a new year isn’t the way to get the career & life you want. Dare to be Unstoppable is my proven system to make success inevitable and know what you're capable of. It's the solution for actors and artists to plan your new year for maximum impact and results

I'm handing you an organization and planning system you can follow with ease and make your own own including  a truthful, tough love assessment of your past year so you can move forward without baggage, shame and obligation. If you want to make the new year different, then you need a different plan to get you there. Launching every December ONLY.

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