"Jodie Bentley is an incredible mentor and human being. I like that she helps with keeping a healthy mindset as an actor - this is crucial in the entertainment industry! With Jodie's help, I've become so much more optimistic about my acting career and have made steady progress. I keep track of the things I need to do to reach my goals and I’m focused and positive. I’ve booked multiple projects this year including an episode of Cobra Kai and a supporting role in a feature film opposite Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie. I set a goal for myself of getting a new manager by the end of the year and I’m in the process of taking 7 meetings with 3 offers on the table. This stuff works!" 

Natasha Tina Liu, Actor

"Before working with Jodie there was something missing in my career. Working internationally and straddling two different worlds, I never knew how to succinctly define myself, my work and where I wanted to be. After working with Jodie this has all changed.

I just filmed a supporting role in a feature film and booked another feature shooting in LA at the end of the year. I’ve added a Canadian agent to my team and my manager campaign is going great as I’ve had three solid meetings. Just the other day I was asked to come onboard and produce a short film in Miami.

Dare to be Unstoppable has allowed me to confidently make a mark in this industry and create my own authentic plan that is actually coming true! We're very lucky to have Jodie in our corner."

Rupinder Nagra, Actor

"The Actor's Think Tank resources have truly changed my acting career trajectory, and in the best way possible. Just to put it straight forward: Jodie knows her s**t.  She can truly help any actor of any level really hone in on what’s missing or can be improved upon that'll make you stand out in this industry.  From her numerous actionable documents, you get tangible tasks to complete daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to accomplish your goals. She helps with everything from 'how do I brand myself with the right head shots?' to 'What questions can I ask agents during a meeting?' and everything in between. The business side of acting can be daunting, and Jodie makes the overwhelming seem underwhelming with bite-sized, attainable goals that builds momentum and just plain ol' gets you excited about doing the work. I could not recommend The Actor's Think Tank enough if you want to start leveling up and feeling confident about where you stand as an actor."


Ryan Q. Tran, Actor

"I felt like I was treading water, not knowing which direction to go when it came to how I wanted to focus my work, or gain worthy representation. Jodie has a system that actually let’s actors TAKE CONTROL of how they want to be seen in this industry. Thanks to her Actor’s Think Tank and Mastermind group, I have more agent meetings on my calendar than I know what to do with."

Sarah Razmann, Actor

"The Actor's Think Tank is my go-to for all things acting. Jodie's years of experience and her digestible way of taking actors through a step-by-step process allow you to achieve your fullest potential as a creative. I've gotten a new agent and manager and I'm about to wrap on a feature I'm producing and acting in. The site has so much valuable information, I'd be lost without it!"

Retta Putignano, Actor

"With the Think Tank, I was able to identify the limiting beliefs that were getting in the way, figure out what drives me to be an actor, set concrete goals that I could actually achieve, figure out what product I’m selling and how best to market it, and give myself a system to manage my money and watch it grow. The confidence I’ve gained has really shown in my auditions, so that I’m now recurring on a major network pilot, starring in what’s essentially a one-woman play, and getting called in for auditions and callbacks for studios and production companies I never thought I had a prayer of getting in front of before."

Kay-Megan Washington, Actor

"I started working with Jodie as I was just coming out as non-binary and she was extremely supportive. Getting the encouragement to be my authentic self from an actor that I respect and who is plugged into the industry was a huge help. Since beginning Dare To Be Unstoppable, I've signed with a fantastic manager, gotten commercial and theatrical reps, got pinned for two major TV shows, shot a music video, and starred as the lead in an LGBTQ+ short film. It really helped me get my priorities and goals aligned with my values and set into motion!"

Howland Wilson, Actor

"Before DTBU, I was feeling flustered knowing that areas in my life/career weren't exactly working but unsure how to see a path forward. DTBU gave me a structure and practical guidelines for tangible self-reflection and systems to make the process more manageable and even fun!

I now have a clearer ROI on various income sources, we bought our first house, and hit bench marks in other areas of my life and career. The biggest benefit is more internal. I'd recommend this program to any friend who wants more clarity on what will bring them actual fulfillment.

I appreciate that Jodie is available in the FB Group and calls for wise advice to get the most out of the program. I love WHAT she teaches, but most importantly HOW she teaches it."

Liana Arauz, Actor

"Creating career goals, making plans, taking action and experiencing them come to fruition. Amazifying! Jodie, asks the deep questions, and encourages with an open heart and guiding spirit.

Be prepared to be accountable for making your own dreams a reality because it works. I’ve booked a TV show, a movie and an audiobook! All were goals I had set for myself. You know who are, what you want and how to make it happen!"

Marnie Baumer, Actor, Writer & Singer

"Since I've been working with Jodie, I've accomplished more in 3 months than I had in the past 10 years. She has an amazing ability that calls me out on all my excuses with true love and compassion. 

I'm currently producing two feature films and a TV show, and I started a financial consulting company, thanks in large part to Jodie. On top of all of that, she's the most wonderful human being who is always pure joy to work with."

Andrew Kirkley, Actor, Producer & Entrepreneur

"Working with Jodie has been life-changing. In just a few months, she helped me map out a plan to turn my dreams into attainable goals. I'm now well on my way to writing, acting and producing my first feature film and have also signed an audiobook deal to narrate a fun steamy romance novel, with other audiobook offers on the table! 

Did I mention I'm a work-at-home-mom/wife to a nursing baby, a toddler, a preteen and two American Bulldogs! Believe me, I could not even begin to see this near possible had it not been for Jodie! She takes the impossible and helps you make it possible. I am living proof!"

Tricia Lujan, Actor, Writer, Producer

"Within 3 months, I'd secured first-time representation and got headshots that led to me actually booking a role in a feature film and my first commercial.

Not only that, but in 6 months, I had a handle on my financial and time management issues for the first time in my life. These are big shifts, and it simply couldn't have been possible without Jodie and what she teaches.

Having a clear strategy, plan, and tools to execute it are invaluable to my life as an artist. Jodie makes the business side of being a creative not only manageable, but empowering. You will not be in the same place you are today in 3 months from now.  Nowhere close."

Chiara Maya, Actor, Producer & Entrepreneur

“When I found Jodie, I’d already decided to self-produce Lee Blessing’s play Great Falls. With her support, I was able to bring the project to fruition more fully than I ever could have imagined. My creative experience as an actor, our fundraising and media campaign, and my search for representation has been a joy rather than a trudge. I was able to avoid the pitfalls of self-sabotage, doubt and fear, that she helped me to identify and set side, despite my old habits.“

Dexter Strong, Actor & Producer

"I didn’t realize how many things I had that blocked my personal growth. Everything from limiting beliefs and silly excuses — such as “that’s unrealistic” or “you’re not doing enough,”— to not holding myself accountable for my own goals. I used to set goals and then immediately tell myself I didn’t deserve them. Through my ongoing work with Jodie as a mentor, I have become so aware of the growth I make, no matter the size. By doing that, my mindset has shifted to being more optimistic. My goals are being met with ease and completing my task list is FUN! I understand that I GET to make my own decisions and everything is an opportunity for growth. I am so grateful for Jodie Bentley; I would not be where I am without her.” 

Hannah Russell, Actress & Producer

"Jodie Bentley has a presence that immediately puts you at ease. Her ability to remain completely supportive, while at the same time gently challenging on any of her clients’ weak spots when it comes to habits and vision, is a combination that is extremely rare, and so valuable. She has an unbelievable way of communicating directly, succinctly and openly with every client she has, no matter where they are in their career and life journey. I think the most profound gift of hers is to project such a loving spirit of enthusiasm and non judgement, while at the same time holding her clients to the highest standard they can reach. It is a privilege to work with her, and I am better for knowing her. You are lucky if you get the chance!” 

Katie Northlich, Actor & Writer

"If you are looking to get your life together and move towards actually achieving your goals, Jodie Bentley is the one to help lead you in the right direction. Her inspiring lessons are just what you need to kickstart your career. Jodie is the perfect person to help you figure out who you are and where you fit into the industry. I would not be finding the success that I am finding at the start of my career without Jodie."

Caitlyn Faucher, Actor & Producer

"Since working with Jodie I've been able to hone in on what I bring to the industry and how to effectively use it to move closer towards my goals. Jodie's advice is invaluable to me. She has the experience and the know-how in navigating this multifaceted industry which requires you to bring your best 'you' to the table."

Erik Ramos, Actor & Writer

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