This. Past. Year. 

Oof, it was a lot. To call it a roller coaster of emotions feels like an understatement.

At the top of the year, I felt sooooo good. My auditions were on point, I booked some work, my business was thriving. I felt like I was on fire. 2023 was going to be my year!

Then the WGA strike in April started to shift things.

May threw me for an angry loop. 

I took a step back in June and took a vacation to NYC.

The world changed again in July as SAG-AFTRA went on strike.

For the month of August I was putting in my miles on the picket line… and cried a lot.

September I turned a year older…and then a different kind of shift happened. 

I’m all about feeling my feelings, and there’s a point where you either stay in the anger, sadness, blame, shame, despair, whatever emotion it is and keep blaming all the outside forces affecting your life. 

Or you take ownership and move through it.

So I chose the latter… and got curious.

Curious as to where our industry is going.

Curious as to the patterns and shifts our industry has gone through.

Curious as to my place in this business now.

I got curious about everything.

And you know what?

It felt good.

My anger stopped, my tears subsided and I could see things as they were and with a fresh perspective. 

And what I realized was that everything is always changing and shifting.

From silent films moving into talkies.
From black and white films moving to color.

From films being shot on film moving to digital and 3D filmmaking.

Our industry has been shifting and changing for a long time! The instability a lot of us felt these past few years, has always been there. It was just magnified for us.

It’s our resistance to all change that keeps us stuck. 

If we remove the resistance, we can flow.

That’s what I want to do – flow into 2024.

Flow into abundance, success, joy and ease.

So for me, 2024 is the Year of Curiosity.

Yeah, I’m still going to stand up for what I believe in and feel my feelings. And I plan on leaving space for curiosity to further me along with deeper clarity and ease.

Here’s my challenge to you in 2024 – 

Allow for change to be the norm.
Allow your curiosity to lead the way.
Allow for more ease and flow in your career and your life.

I mean….that sounds a lot nicer, doesn’t it?