The ups and downs of the past two years have felt like a roller coaster ride. For some people it was thrilling and for others it was terrifying. Regardless, being on a roller coaster for a prolonged period of time is a bit exhausting to say the least.

Coming from a woman who doesn’t like roller coasters,  I find myself pondering how to lessen the ups and downs and how to be more flexible and agile when they happen.

I’ve been thinking about how to make 2022…

…full of ease even when uncertainty arises.

…full of joy even if things don’t turn out as I had planned.

…full of purpose even when doubt creeps in.

That’s the key, right? We know there are still ups and downs ahead of us. I mean, there are always ups and downs.

How can you continue to navigate the roller coaster AND live the life you want to live AND get the career you deserve to have?

For me, the fall of 2021 was challenging. I got caught up in all the reasons “why it can’t happen” instead of “why it can”.  Let me tell ya, nothing good comes from that place. I kept looking for the lack and not seeing the possibility. All that I created was more lack. Honestly, I was just tired of the freakin’ roller coaster. 

When I was in that space, there was one concept I kept coming back to that I felt I lost.


The Oxford definition of belief is – trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.

If you don’t believe in yourself to move forward and achieve your vision and goals, who will?

If you don’t believe in your ability and talent to get the career you want, who will?

If you don’t believe in your path and your journey, even when it looks different than you thought, who will?

I invite you to make 2022 the Year of Belief. 

The question becomes, how can you live your life steeped in belief instead of doubt?

Here are 5 steps to tap into your belief once again and start the new year from a place of conviction.

  1. What are the top 10 moments you’re most proud of this past year?
  1.  Write 5-10 things you love about yourself as an artist and a human.
  2. Write about WHY you are an actor, what it means to you and why you must do this career above anything else.
  3. Write down your definition of success. Not what you feel it should be, but what does acting success mean to YOU and your vision for your life?
  1. What is one daily habit you’re going to add to your routine to drop into your belief? (meditation, reading your definition of success everyday, journaling, writing a gratitude email everyday, etc.)

I acknowledge you for all you’ve been through and how far you’ve come.

Now is the time to believe in yourself, your vision and our industry like you never have before.

Your career deserves it.

Happy New Year.