Are you creating space to honor and strategize your vision for your acting career?
Do you have an action plan in place to hit your goals?
Do you embrace your Brand and have marketing materials that get you in the rooms?
Do you have accountability in your life and a team to support you in making sh*t happen?

If you've said 'no' to any of the above questions then you're in the right place.

That’s exactly why I created The Artists’ Mastermind. It's part group coaching and part accountability - a high calibre mastermind of movers and shakers ready to level up!

My recent clients have signed with commercial agents, theatrical agents, booked TV gigs, launched businesses, increased their income, got in big rooms to pitch their projects and most importantly have a game plan to follow with built in accountability.

I've run mastermind groups since 2010. I know the power in this work. If you're ready to shed your excuses and focus on your goals, then click APPLY so we can get started.

What You Can Work On In Mastermind:

Build Your Brand to
Get Known Faster

With my Branding Prep System, you’ll take your power back by knowing what you sell. Your brand is the key to getting known in this industry. We’ll build your Branding Chart and Themes to embrace who you are.

Design Your
Marketing Materials

Your brand gets to be manifested in all of your marketing materials for immediate recognition and clarity. Craft brand-centric sales tools that are authentically you and stop costing yourself jobs.

Prep Headshots
That'll Book You Work

Crafting your headshot looks is NOT the photographer’s job. Once you know what you sell, we’ll build your looks and set you up for success for your shoot. No more generic pretty pics. You’ll get photos that book you the work you want.

Land Your Dream
Agent or Manager

With my Getting an Agent System, we’ll build your dream team with structure and ease. We’ll create a pitch email and campaign that generates interviews and results. Then prep you for those meetings like a boss complete with a press kit.

Create an Achievable
Action Plan

Using my BadAss Goal System, you’ll unlock your inner badass and set goals that get results! You’ll make efficiency your middle name and time your friend with a fool-proof productivity system. Time management issues will be gone and you’ll have a plan.

Stop the Self-Sabotage and Your Excuses

With my New Truth Strategy, you’ll stop being drained by your excuses and call yourself out on your own bullshit. Finally say goodbye to the negative voice in your head and free yourself from doubt as we reframe your limiting beliefs.

Other clients, have built and marketed their side hustle, rebuilt relationships with agents or managers they already had, created networking and relationships systems with casting directors and industry folks, built reels and self-tapes for their arsenal... and more. 

I’ve been through a lot of coaching programs, but since I started working with Jodie though, I’ve actually made major strides on the business side of my acting career. I was able to identify the limiting beliefs that were getting in the way of my moving forward, figure out what drives me to be an actor, set concrete goals that I could actually achieve on a practical timeline, figure out what product I’m selling and how best to market it, and give myself a system to manage my money and watch it grow.

Since I joined my group, I’ve worked with them to plan, develop and implement brand-specific headshots. Before now, I was getting at least one set of headshots taken a year, only to have people tell me they “didn’t look like me” or “didn’t do a good job of representing my brand”. Plus, the confidence I’ve gained has really shown in my auditions, so that I’m now recurring on a major network pilot, starring in what’s essentially a one-woman play, and getting called in for auditions and callbacks for studios and production companies I never thought I had a prayer of getting in front of before.

Kay-Megan Washington, Actor

I came to Jodie in search of tools, habits and structure—both physical and mental—that would help me turn my passion into a business.

I got clear on my brand and the stories I want to tell, aligned all of my marketing materials accordingly and implemented a social media, networking and outreach plan that felt authentic and effective. I quickly signed with a new manager and today, less than 10 months after getting started with the Think Tank, I’m writing this testimonial from Mississippi where I’m shooting an independent feature film starring Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser!

I know I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for the work I did with Jodie and all of my actor peers who held me accountable and supported me along the way.

This industry is fierce and there is so much that we as actors hold no sway over. Jodie will show you all the things that you can actually control, and empower you with the tools to take command of your journey as a fulfilled artist and strategic business owner.

Luke McClure, Actor

Here's What You Get:

The group is maxed out at 4 people so you get the attention you deserve.
It’s a powerful combo of one-on-one focus and the power of the group mind.

30 Min of Coaching

You get one-on-one coaching bi-weekly to get insight and strategy on your specific goals and projects as we define your next steps. Every session is direct coaching from me and group accountability for maximum impact.

Your Weekly Actions
Defined For You

You’ll always know what to do next as we track your progress and your tasks in your Traction Report.  Your action steps for the week will be written down every session and we’ll track your progress toward your goals.

Free Membership to The Actor's Think Tank

You’ll get FREE access to my Signature program, The Actor's Think Tank ($97/month). It's an all-inclusive membership covering my 7 Step System to get the acting career you want. Your knowledge and growth will increase tenfold which will allow our sessions to be for coaching not teaching. Already a monthly member? Not a problem, we’ll pause your payment.

Accountability Partners

You will work side by side with 3 other actors to hold each other high and accountable. Sometimes it’s hard to stay accountable to yourself, so your partners will make sure you don’t let that happen. You’ll make your dreams your reality with no excuses.

Private Messaging App to
Stay Connected

You get access to a messaging app used by the group to stay connected, provide support, be supported and ask questions! Between our sessions, I’m in there responding to any and all questions you may have.

Free Access to the 21 Day Course to Reset Your Mind 

To support you even further on your journey, you’ll also get my new program, 21 Days to Reset Your Mind and Own Your Power ($67). I invite you to do it as soon as you join Mastermind to work daily on the inner game as we work on strategy in session.

Mastermind is a six month program.

Lasting change doesn't take place over night. In all my years of coaching, I have found that 6 months is the sweet spot to get you from where you are to where you want to be!

All groups are online over Zoom for two hours.

Before working with Jodie there was something missing in my career. Working internationally and straddling two different worlds I never knew how to succinctly define myself, my work and where I wanted to be. After working with Jodie this has all changed. In a few words I can confidently tell you what I am all about and what I want out of this business.

As actors we learn the art but we never do learn how to treat the business as a business. Let's face is a business. One that you are running. You have to KNOW every part of your business. Jodie helps you get there.

The Mastermind Group and The Actor's Think Tank are a  fantastic tool for us as actors and allows us to confidently make a mark in this industry.

We are very lucky to have someone like Jodie in our corner.

Rupinder Nagra, Actor, Writer & Producer

Before I started working with Jodie, I felt totally out of control in my career. I felt like the power was in everyone else's hands, and I was just sitting around, helplessly waiting for something to happen. But Jodie helped me take that power back by helping me align with my core values and goals, and then crafting concrete, manageable, actionable steps with me.

Breaking down my big, meaningful dreams into tangible and realistic daily tasks made me feel so much more confident and powerful, and helped me regain the momentum I'd lost. In particular, destigmatizing the idea of branding and instead viewing it as an opportunity to bring my fullest self to every opportunity completely changed the game for me - we used my unique brand to craft exciting new materials like my reel, website, and headshots.

She then helped me sign with a management team who completely "get" me and believe in me, and I now feel empowered to use every color in my palette in my auditions (oftentimes six or seven in a week now!). To anyone who is on the fence about coaching, I would ask: what are you waiting for?

I wasted so much time not taking advantage of fantastic support systems that exist, and Jodie helped me make the strides I'd been dreaming of with sensitivity, kindness, expertise, and hilarity!

Eliza Blair, Actor

Your success will always be random and rare until you give yourself a strategy and a plan to achieve it.

I invite you to make this year one of abundance, growth, motivation and results.

I'll hold you high and make sure there are no more excuses on your journey....and get you out of your comfort zone!

You will have no choice but to make sh*t happen.

The Artists’ Mastermind Group has truly changed my acting career trajectory, and in the best way possible. Just to put it straight forward: Jodie knows her s**t.  She can truly help any actor of any level really hone in on what is missing or can be improved upon that'll make you stand out in this industry.

The best part of her Mastermind is that she preaches staying true to yourself.  She doesn't put the person in a mold, but instead molds the person uniquely and individually based on who you truly are at the core.  I love that about her.  She realizes every person is unique and uses that individuality to craft an industry-usable essence that you know and love.  She is also a very busy, successful working actress so, she knows the current trends of the industry.  She is in the trenches with us which makes her guidance so much more relatable and encouraging.

Not only did Jodie equip me with tools and techniques  to further my career business wise she also equipped me with a really strong mindset. I booked my very first TV role on Curb Your Enthusiasm and I also booked a scripted Snapchat series.

I could not recommend the Mastermind Group and The Actor's Think Tank enough if you want to start leveling up and feeling confident about where you stand as an actor.

Ryan Q. Tran, Actor

The break throughs that I've had in my career and life from working with Jodie have been the key to my success as an actor and to my well-being as a human. When I initially started working with her, within 3 months I had secured first-time representation and shot headshots that led to me actually booking a role in a feature film and my first commercial.

Not only that, but in 6 months I had a handle on my financial and time management issues for the first time in my life. These are big shifts, and it simply couldn't have been possible without Jodie and the work she does.

Just the amount of practical resources that she provides alone is priceless! Having a clear strategy, plan, and tools to execute it are invaluable to my life as an artist. Jodie makes the business side of being a creative not only manageable, but empowering.

Since working in her mastermind group I've booked a national commercial, a role in a TV pilot, and successfully launched my own course as a teacher to provide for myself financially.  I would not be able to thrive, let alone survive, in this industry without the information and coaching that Jodie provides. In my experience, if you want to be "on the level", Jodie's Mastermind group are the advanced personal and professional work that can be done in order to cultivate the success you want. She has the most powerful and respectful way of allowing you to see your blocks and how to move through them with less fear and resistance. And she has the resources and know-how to give you a map to get there. For this reason, I am eternally grateful and profoundly lucky that I found Jodie.

If you are struggling with your career and how to break through, or if you have achieved success and are wanting to discern how to advance further, Jodie Bentley is your greatest partner. Hire her, enroll in her course, and join her groups; you will not be in the same place you are today in 3 months from now.  Nowhere close.

Chiara Maya, Actor, Producer & Teacher

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