How to login to your courses and memberships…

FYI, If you’ve purchased multiple courses any of your logins will take you to all of them

To login to The Actors Think Tank go to:

To login to Dare to Be Unstoppable go to:

To login to The Actors Branding System go to:


To login to The 21 Day Reset go to:


How to update your billing information…

To check your billing information go to:

How to change your password…

To reset your password, simply go to one of the course links above and click Forgot Your Password.

How to reach Jodie if you’re part of her courses/membership…

The best way to get Jodie’s eyeballs on something quickly is through the Facebook groups. She does not coach over email or FB/Insta Messenger. You can find the group for The Actor’s Think Tank HERE. You can find the group for Dare To Be Unstoppable HERE.

Please email the team at [email protected] if you have a specific question about your membership that cannot be answered here.

How to reach Jodie if you’re not part of her courses or memberships…

If you’re not one of Jodie’s clients yet never fear. She has an open Facebook group called The Actor’s Workspace. You can find it HERE. She will answer questions here when time allows.

If you have questions about Jodie’s programs please email the team [email protected] to get started.

If you are looking for a video recording of a TATT Coaching, Monthly Training, or DTBU January Call or Quarterly Assessment Call…

If you are looking for a video recording of a TATT Coaching Q&A with Jodie, Monthly Training, or DTBU January Call or Quarterly Assessment Call…

They are up on the website within 48 hours of the event. The Dare to be Unstoppable calls can be found on the website under the tab “Live Calls.” You can find that HERE. The January calls are under the tab “Live Q&A Calls” and the Quarterly Assessment calls have their own tab. 

The Actor’s Think Tank calls are also on its website which can be accessed by clicking TATT Monthly Calls and Trainings from the dashboard. You can also click HERE. The Monthly Coaching Q&A Calls with Jodie are filed by year. The Monthly Trainings are filed by topic.

Does Jodie do one-on-one coaching? 

Balancing the clients in her courses, as well as auditions and bookings, Jodie doesn't have time on her calendar currently for private clients. 

If you're interested in one-on-one coaching please email us at [email protected] so we can add you to a coaching waitlist and/or discuss other ways to work with Jodie.

Please look through the FAQ above and if you have a question that isn't covered reach out to Support.