The Actor's Think Tank®

Signature Membership to Get the ACting
You Want and sustain it

Holistic business skills, strategy and systems are NON-NEGOTIABLE for your acting business. The Actor's Think Tank is an all-inclusive membership designed to massively accelerate your progress so you never spend another year regretting you weren't further along.

You'll Breakthrough by eliminating blocks and excuses to get out of your own way. You'll Be Remembered by packaging and pitching your bookable brand to get known faster. You'll Book More by leveraging proven strategies to create more opportunities. With community, content, and coaching so you don't have to go-it-alone anymore.

$97/month or $970/year

Who is this for?

The actor who's tired of feeling powerless in an unstable industry. Someone who craves a complete system of HOW to build
every aspect of their acting career including branding, packaging, getting an agent, marketing strategies, AND a coach in their back pocket for support every step of the way.

The Actor's Think Tank® + Mastermind


The Mastermind is a high calibre group of movers and shakers willing to level up like they never have before.

The group is maxed out at 4 people and there is a 6 month commitment. With biweekly one-on-one coaching you'll get attention, insight, and strategy on your specific goals and projects. You’ll always know what to do next as we track your progress and tasks and stay connected in out private messaging app.

You get FREE access to The Actor's Think Tank so our sessions will be for coaching not teaching.


Who is this for?

The actor who wants one-on-one attention and thrives on accountability. You're tired of doing online courses by yourself and need someone to have a macro view of your career and guide you to stay on track and accelerate faster. You want a higher level of career satisfaction and a supportive team by your side.

The Actor's Branding System

book the roles you were meant to play &
OPen Doors Faster

Your brand is the key to getting known and being remembered.  With The Actor's Branding System, you'll get 17 in depth lessons to build your authentic and bookable brand. PLUS, you'll get a special BONUS: Get Kick-Ass Headshots featuring my Ultimate Headshot Prep.


Who is this for?

The actor who's not getting the auditions or the agent they want. They know Branding is their achilles heel and wants a clear cut proven system to solve it. Someone who wants to take their power back to
 be seen, heard, AND remembered.

Dare to be Unstoppable

A Lifetime Course to Finally Accomplish What You
Know You're Capable Of in the New Year. 

Coasting into a new year isn’t the way to get the career & life you want.  Dare to be Unstoppable is my proven system to make success inevitable and really know what you're capable of. If you want to make the new year different, then you need a different plan to get you there. Launching every December ONLY


Who is this for?

The artist who's tired of excuses getting in the way and not living the career AND life they want. Someone who wants to consistently balance their artistic & life goals even with industry inconsistency. You need a new way of doing things, you're just not sure how or what.

Interested in Private Career Coaching?

Jodie only takes on 1 or 2 clients a month. Spots are extremely limited. Coaching is 100% customized to what you need. You will always get prep work before each session so you don't waste anymore in achieving the career success you desire.
All session are $299/hour.

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